The result of SmartFilter

1. SmartFilter combats the harmful substances; Smokers inhale fewer harmful substances.

2. SmartFilter Provides the amount of nicotine that the smoker needs from a cigarette.

3. The flavor and softness of the filter are the same of a "normal" filter cigarette for the smokers, also stands out on the outside is the same of well-known cigarette filters.

4. When the smoker uses the SmartFilter, it deals with the psychological problems of the  habit of cigarette smoking.

5. Less harmful substances in smoke by using the SmartFilter.

6. Human need to worry less about the people who start or continue smoking.


What does the SmartFilter do?

  • The natural mixture which has been impregnated with natural liquid products, in this unique combination, an unexpectedly beneficial effect with regard to the removal of harmful substances from the tobacco smoke.
  • Takes care for the amount of nicotine needed by the cigarette smoker.

* This has to do with the psychological factor, that smokers are  habituated to this kind of filters.